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Saturday 20th July 2024

The Kelso Laddie, Andrew Thomson and his mounted

supporters will leave Kelso
Racecourse at 8.00am.

They will be led to The Square before departing at 8.30am


Hon. President Gavin Horsburgh will wish the riders “Safe Oot, Safe In”.

The route to be taken under the direction of the

Chief Marshall, Ex-Kelso Laddie Callum Vickers

will be via the old railway line down to Sprouston, Pot’s Close, Lempitlaw,
stopping for refreshments at Hoselaw, then by Wideopen and Venchen Hill down to
Yetholm War Memorial (approx. 11.15am) where the Kelso Laddie will place a wreath.

The party will then proceed to The Green, Kirk Yetholm, where greetings will be
exchanged with the Yetholm Festival Committee, and the Laddie and his supporters will
be welcomed by the Chairman of Yetholm Community Council or their representative.

Refreshments will be available on The Green at Kirk Yetholm.

Those competing for the oldest and youngest riders cups

or making the Ride for the first time should give their names to

Ex-Kelso Laddie Graham Sweenie, at the Haugh, Yetholm.

At 1.30pm the riders will leave Yetholm, proceeding to Primside, Linton (approx.
2.45pm), Bowmont Forest and Spylaw, arriving in Kelso Square at 4.30pm where the
Laddie will be presented with his Blue Bonnet by Kay Davidson,

before saluting the Cavalcade.

The route is under the discretion of the Chief Marshall, Ex-Kelso Laddie Callum Vickers

 and is subject to change on the day.

A Challenge Cup gifted by the late Ex-Kelso Laddie David Brunton will be presented by
the President, Gavin Horsburgh, to the youngest rider completing the journey with or
without the aid of a leading rein.

The Rodger Fish Cup will also be presented to the oldest
rider completing the journey.

They will be escorted into The Square by the Chief Marshall
immediately behind the Principals.


Those completing the Yetholm Ride for the first time
can collect their commemorative badge (£5.00 each) at the Racecourse after the ride.
All Lorries and Horse Boxes Parking in Racecourse Car Park.


No cars will be allowed
in any of the restricted areas and drop off will only be

allowed on the roadside.

Please obey the parking attendants, they are there to assist you.


Only Official Cars will be allowed in the first field

below the New Bridge when the cavalcade departs Kelso.

On the return journey from Yetholm riders are asked to be mounted by 1.25pm.
After meetings with Health and Safety the Committee regrets we cannot allow
horses in amongst cars on the Haugh at Yetholm.


There will be a roped off area for horses only.

Parking at Yetholm Haugh – Due to substantial costs for essential
cover at the Rideouts the Car Park at the Haugh will this year be £5.00.

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