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Whipman's Ride

​Monday 15th July

4.40pm Ringing of Old Curfew Bell. 
Kelso Laddie with his Right and Left Hand Men will come from

the Town House to the Platform.

4.45pm Drummers lead the Cavalcade from Tait Hall to Square

Master of Ceremonies Ms Dawn Hinnigan will make a brief

historical reference to the ride.

Provost Horsburgh will address the company and

read the declaration of My Lord Whipman.

Ex-Kelso Laddie Gordon Little, the 50 Year Laddie,

will present the Whipman’s Flag to the Kelso Laddie.

Recitation of poem “Taddie Aus” by Ex-Kelso Laddie George Halliday.

Bussing of the Flag by Mrs Jayne Wemyss.

Oration by Mrs Edith Scott from Selkirk.

Kelso Laddie will remount and leave the Square to ride to Sprouston.

Drummers will lead the procession with the Kelso Laddie, his Right and Left hand men to Rennie Bridge from the Square and on to Friars Haugh. 

5.25pm (approx) Arrive At Friars Haugh:

Drummers will lead the Principals to the Trysting Tree

for the “Cutting of the Sod” Ceremony.

Riders will remount and ride past the Trysting Tree.

Whipman's ribbons will be handed to all the followers.

6.00pm Kelso Laddie and his followers reform procession and proceed to Sprouston.

7.30pm (approx) Arrive at Sprouston. Welcome and exchanges of greetings

with the representatives of Sprouston.

Kelso Laddie and followers reform the procession and return to Kelso.


8.15pm Riders will remount, leave Sprouston and return back to Kelso.

9pm (approx) Drummers will lead the cavalcade from Rennie Bridge to the Square.
Declaration by Hon Provost Horsburgh of the

completion of Whipman’s Ride and Presentation of the Hunting Crop.    ​

The Whipman’s Barrel and Rosette will also be presented.

​Chairman of the Kelso Laddies’ Association, Mr Graham Sweenie & 
Mrs Alison Sweenie

Honorary Provost Mr Gavin Horsburgh & Mrs Lorna Horsburgh

Master of Ceremonies Ms Dawn Hinnigan

 Kelso Laddie, his Right & Left Hand Men

Kelso Laddie’s Father & Mother, Mr Simon Forsyth & Mrs Julie Forsyth

Ex-Kelso Laddie Phil Hume, Chairman of the Ex-Laddies Club & Ms Stephanie Rae.


50 Year Laddie Ex-Kelso Laddie Gordon Little & Mrs Jayne Wemyss

Mrs Edith Scott & Guest (Orator)

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